Holly Hill Elementary School

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"Together We Can!"
Guidance » Mr. Joseph Brown and Mrs. Quai Stevenson

Mr. Joseph Brown and Mrs. Quai Stevenson

"Whooooo's" the School Counselors?

Welcome to “The Guidance Corner!” Here at Holly Hill Elementary School, we have two AMAZING Professional School Counselors which include Mrs. Stevenson and Mr. Brown. We are here to serve each child we come in contact with. As counselors, we also serve the families of our students and our staff.   School counselors are vital members of the education team. We help all students in the areas of academic achievement; personal/social development and career development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. Elementary school counselors implement the counseling program by providing School Guidance Curriculum, Academic Planning, Responsive Services and System Support.

If you are feeling puzzled, please do not hesitate to stop in and see us.


Mr. Joseph Brown (CD - 2)

Mrs. Stevenson (3 - 5)